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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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John F. Raquet, PhD.


Inertial navigation systems (INS) using cold-atom interferometry are currently under development, and sensors in these systems are expected to be several orders of magnitude more ccurate than current navigation grade sensors. This signi cant increase in accuracy motivates the need to explore how these high accuracy inertial navigation systems can be integrated with other sensors. This research focuses on methods of integrating cold atom interferometry INS with conventional navigation grade INS, as well as with GPS. Results from a full 6 degree of freedom simulation show that integrating CAI INS with navigation grade INS is a successful way to address the dynamic performance limitations of a CAI INS. Results from a CAI INS-GPS simulation show that a CAI INS-GPS can keep near GPS level accuracy with outages as long as 1000 seconds, compared to 100 seconds with a navigation grade INS.

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