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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Todd R. Andel, PhD.


In recent years, thermal sensing in digital devices has become increasingly important. From a security perspective, new thermal-based attacks have revealed vulnerabilities in digital devices. Traditional temperature sensors using analog-to-digital converters consume significant power and are not conducive to rapid development. As a result, there has been an escalating demand for low cost, low power digital temperature sensors that can be seamlessly integrated onto digital devices. This research seeks to create a modular Field Programmable Gate Array digital temperature sensor with auto one-point calibration to eliminate the excessive costs and time associated with calibrating existing digital temperature sensors. In addition, to support the auxiliary protection role, the sensor is evaluated alongside a RSA circuit implemented on the same chip, with methods developed to mitigate noise and power fluctuations introduced by the main circuit. The result is a digital temperature sensor resistant to noise and suitable for quick mass deployment in digital devices.

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