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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jennifer L. Geffre, PhD.


The research developed in this study will utilize Social Network and Graph Theory terminology and methodology applied to groups of systems, rather than individuals within a given system, in order to shape strategic level goals. With regard to military operations, Social Network Analysis has been used to show that enemy networks and relationships can be accurately represented using weighted layers with weighted relationships in order to identify the key player(s) that must be influenced and/or removed so that a particular effect on the enemy might be realized. Social Network Analysis is therefore a significant tool concerning tactical level of operations that aids in developing a targeting methodology which aids tactical commanders in mission planning, however has never been applied to strategic levels of Command. Like previous key player problems, this research will utilize system attributes and global relational strengths as inputs. The output results will rank order representative systems of interest that satisfy the constraints and desired objectives within a particular Phase of War. This work will apply and extend the tools of Social Network Analysis structure and techniques to a theater level mission.

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