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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Joseph Huscroft, PhD.


Within the past two years the Air Force has begun transitioning management of equipment from regionalized management at Command Equipment Management Offices (CEMOs) to centralized enterprise management offices. The fuels support equipment (FSE) inventory is a subcategory of Air Force equipment, the management of which has recently transferred from CEMOs to the Air Force Petroleum Agency (AFPA). Because FSE inventory was previously managed regionally, there is a gap in descriptive data for the enterprise FSE inventory. This study attempts to close this information gap through describing the current inventory position, defining historical FSE demand, and using this knowledge to forecast 2015's anticipated FSE demand using time and unit aggregation in conjunction with simple exponential smoothing. The results are useful to AFPA as the enterprise manager of FSE and to Air Force Item Managers as the acquisition managers for FSE. Lastly, this research is intended as a stepping stone into more detail study of the AF FSE inventory and supply chain.

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