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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Marc D. Polanka, PhD.


Over the past several years, AFIT and the Air Force Research Laboratory have collaboratively investigated a novel combustor system that is compact in design and has potential use in an inter-turbine burner system. The ultra-compact combustor (UCC) design wraps the combustion section circumferentially around the axial core flow and exploits the use of high-g combustion. The combustor's volume and weight are reduced by integrating the exit compressor vane and the turbine inlet vane. This creates a new hybrid vane that resides directly below the circumferential combustor. Recently, a computational effort to understand the fundamental aspects of the UCC on a fighter scale model revealed that high temperatures are likely to occur on the hybrid vane. To address this issue, film-cooling is being explored for the UCC in a computational manner. Simulations of normal coolant hole, contoured trench, and hybrid normal and contoured trench configurations were performed for blowing ratios of M=1, 1.5 and 2. Secondary reactions formed due to the oxygen-rich coolant air reacting with unburned fuel as it exited the circumferential cavity. Although secondary reactions occurred, a decrease in unburned radicals was noticed at the exit of the UCC due to enhanced completion of reactions upstream.

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