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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Joseph R. Huscroft, PhD.


This research explored the impact of Aircraft Maintenance Officer human capital, learning organization, and knowledge management on organizational performance. Survey methodology was utilized to gather data with both theoretical and practical implications on 21A force development practices. Solicitation of information regarding 21A competencies, utility of current AF logistics courses, and latent constructs were conducted through a web-based self-administered cross-sectional survey. Examination of the latent variables human capital, learning organization, and knowledge management was conducted using exploratory factor analysis and multiple linear regression supporting a positive effect on organizational performance. Practical application of the theoretical findings could yield potential cost savings through the consolidation, restructuring, or removal of logistics courses currently considered under the 21A Deliberate Continuum of Learning. Implications for researchers, practitioners, and senior 21A leadership are discussed along with limitations, recommendations, and areas for future research.

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