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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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John O. Miller, PhD.


Getting as much information as possible to make decisions about acquisition of new weapons systems, through analysis of the weapons systems' benefits and costs, yields better decisions. This study has twin goals. The first is to demonstrate a sound methodology to yield the most information about benefits of a particular weapon system. Second, to provide some baseline analysis of the benefits of a new type of missile, the Small Advanced Capability Missile (SACM) concept, in an unclassified general sense that will help improve further, more detailed, classified investigations into the benefits of this missile. In a simplified, unclassified scenario, we show that the SACM provides several advantages and we demonstrate a basis for further investigation into which tactics should be used in conjunction with the SACM. Furthermore, we discuss how each of the chosen factors influence the air combat scenario. Ultimately, we establish the usefulness of a designed experimental approach to analysis of agent-based simulation models and how agent-based models yield a great amount of information about the complex interactions of different actors on the battlefield.

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