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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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John M. Colombi, PhD.


This research focuses on identification and description of patterns used in Test and Evaluation (T&E) operations. Patterns are defined as named and well-known problem/solution pairs that can be applied in new contexts, with advice on how to apply it in a novel situations and discussion of its trade-offs, implementations, and variations. They have a well established and used in software engineering, but have only recently been considered for systems engineering. In the Department of Defense (DOD), T&E is required for all acquisitions prior to transitioning into operations. As identified and described in this thesis, each of the patterns fits in one of the three categories: behavioral, creational, and functional. The research has identified eight named patterns to include: primary pattern, objective pattern, cost estimating pattern, scheduling pattern, risk management pattern, work acceptance process pattern, hazard control pattern, and test team pattern. The implementation of patterns by Department of Defense is expected to alleviate some of the common challenges encountered during T&E, provide a consistent higher quality and expectation, as well as efficiently use test infrastructure and personnel resources.

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