Submissions from 2022


Evaluating Climatic Influences on the Technical Performance of Built Infrastructure Assets, Sarah L. Brown, Steven J. Schuldt, Michael N. Grussing, Michael A. Johnson, and Justin D. Delorit


Infrastructure Decision-Making under Climate Change Uncertainty: Case Study of Centralized Heating at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, Tyler A. Ferry, Justin D. Delorit, and Christopher M. Chini


A Statistical Principal Component Regression-Based Approach to Modeling the Degradative Effects of Local Climate and Traffic on Airfield Pavement Performance, Evan M. Fortney, Steven J. Schuldt, Sarah L. Brown, James P. Allen, and Justin D. Delorit

Submissions from 2021


A Simulation–optimization Framework for Post-disaster Allocation of Mental Health Resources, Stephen Cunningham, Steven J. Schuldt, Christopher M. Chini, and Justin D. Delorit

Operational Carbon Footprint of the U.S. Water and Wastewater Sector’s Energy Consumption, Louis J. Zib III, Diana M. Byrne, Landon T. Marston, and Christopher M. Chini

Submissions from 2020


Evaluating an Adaptive Management Strategy for Organizational Energy Use under Climate Uncertainty, Justin D. Delorit, Steven J. Schuldt, and Christopher M. Chini