ANT Faculty Publications



Submissions from 2022


Delaunay Walk for Fast Nearest Neighbor: Accelerating Correspondence Matching for ICP, James D. Anderson, Ryan M. Raettig, Joshua Larson, Clark N. Taylor, and Thomas Wischgoll

Closed-Loop Linear Covariance Framework for Path Planning in Static Uncertain Obstacle Fields, Randall Christensen, Greg Droge, and Robert C. Leishman


Sensitivity of Single-Pulse Radar Detection to Aircraft Pose Uncertainties, Austin Costley, Randall Christensen, Greg Droge, and Robert C. Leishman


Robust Error Estimation Based on Factor-Graph Models for Non-Line-of-Sight Localization, O. Arda Vanli and Clark N. Taylor

Submissions from 2021

Evaluation of Sensor-agnostic All-source Residual Monitoring for Navigation, Andrew Appleget, Robert C. Leishman, and Jonathon S. Gipson


Terrain‐referenced Navigation Using a Steerable‐laser Measurement Sensor, Jason D. Carroll and Aaron J. Canciani


A Closed-Loop Linear Covariance Framework for Vehicle Path Planning in a Static Uncertain Obstacle Field, Randall Christensen, Greg Droge, and Robert C. Leishman


Extended Invariant-EKF Designs for State and Additive Disturbance Estimation, Kevin Coleman, He Bai, and Clark N. Taylor


Analytical Aircraft State and IMU Signal Generator from Smoothed Reference Trajectory, Austin Costley, Randall Christensen, Robert C. Leishman, and Greg Droge


Resilience for Multi-filter All-source Navigation Framework with Integrity, Jonathon S. Gipson and Robert C. Leishman

A High Performance Easily Configurable Satnav SDR for Advanced Algorithm Development and Rapid Capability Deployment, Sanjeev Gunawardena


ION GNSS Software-defined Radio Metadata Standard, Sanjeev Gunawardena, Thomas Pany, and James Curran

Towards More Robust Vision-based Map Matching Through Machine Learning & Improved Feature Matching, Tyler Hussey, Robert C. Leishman, and David Woodburn


Multi-objective Database Queries in Combined Knapsack and Set Covering Problem Domains, Sean A. Mochocki, Gary B. Lamont, Robert C. Leishman, and Kyle J. Kauffman

Aircraft Inspection by Multirotor UAV Using Coverage Path Planning, P. Silberberg and Robert C. Leishman

Leveraging Worldwide, Publicly-available Data to Create an Automated Satnav Interference Detection System, John Stader and Sanjeev Gunawardena

Validation of Doppler Lidar Sensor using Covariance Analysis, Tristan Williams and Robert C. Leishman

Accurate Covariance Estimation for Pose Data from Iterative Closest Point Algorithm, Rick H. Yuan, Clark N. Taylor, and Scott L. Nykl

Submissions from 2020

Performance Analysis of Reference Oscillators and Frequency Synthesizers for use in High-Fidelity Satellite Navigation Receivers, Andrew D. Braun and Sanjeev Gunawardena


An Analysis of the Benefits and Difficulties of Aerial Magnetic Vector Navigation, Aaron J. Canciani and Christopher J. Brennan

Invariant-EKF Design for a Unicycle Robot under Linear Disturbances, Kevin Coleman, H. Bai, and Clark N. Taylor

Signal Quality Monitoring through Analysis of Chip Shape Deformation for GNSS Signals, Nicholas C. Echeverry, J. Addison Betances, Sanjeev Gunawardena, and Michael Temple

Smart Features for Dynamic Vision Sensors, Zachary P. Friedel and Robert C. Leishman

Real-time Trajectory Optimization for Collaborative Self-Localization in Random Aircraft Formations, Jonathon S. Gipson, Christine M. Schubert Kabban, Robert C. Leishman, and Juan D. Jurado


Signal Enhancement for Magnetic Navigation Challenge Problem, Albert R. Gnadt, Joseph Belarge, Aaron J. Canciani, Lauren Conger, Joseph A. Curro II, Alan Edelman, Peter Morales, Michael F. O'Keefe, Jonathan Taylor, and Christopher Rackauckas